Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Back From The Dark'

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 Hey Folks,

As of late, I've been extremely busy. Obviously I haven't been keeping this as updated I should, but regardless, here's the scoop.

My most recent project "From The Dark" (Redux) is now available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube

Please, feel free to leave your comments.

Recently, in trying to get an interview with punk-rock icon Richard Hell, he corresponded by saying that he wasn't available for interview but that he "...enjoyed the kung-fu security guard." You heard it here first.

In the meantime, I've been trying to fine-cut my "NYC Zombie Crawl" documentary, "More Dead Than Alive". At the moment, it's a challenge to file down all the moaning and groaning, but I have a feeling it's on a good track. I'll more than likely post a work in progress for feedback.

Lately, I've been swept with adapting a scene from Stanley Kubrick's classic early work, "Killer's Kiss". It's been an interesting casting process, and I'm just on my way to do some location scouting through Brooklyn. No telling where in Brooklyn I'll be shooting for a small car prowl sequence, but I know for sure I'll be using my loft's freight elevator for some interesting sequences.

OH! Before I forget, 'Evil Film' was just given an IMDb page! Check it out, and if you have an IMDb account, be sure to rate!

Well, take care.

Raw Power,
John Morgan