Wednesday, December 1, 2010

93% Earned on Kickstarter, 16 Days Left; Mike Hart's Triumphant Return; Hudson Guild Promo Now Online!

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So much has happened since my last post, and as I step into December, I won't be able to post an update until February. By then I'll be starting up on post and will be able to keep you all excited with brief glimpses of the production as I move into Spring. Meanwhile, backers will receive exclusive updates and have access to my online photo gallery which will document a lot of the shoot.

Speaking of backers, my Kickstarter fund has been doing splendidly, and with much thanks to the people who attended the Kick Out The Jams!! Benefit Concert on November 20th! We managed to raise $88.51. That, combined with various cash donations received prior, the accumulated amount has now boosted my project to 93%, hinging on only $98!!!
Swear And Shake

Kevin Henthorn ft. John Cummings

If in case, you didn't read on Kickstarter, I arranged the Kick Out The Jams!! Benefit Concert at SUNY Purchase College, and showcased five awesome bands that drew quite a crowd. Here are some photos, just to give you an idea.

Second Nature
Tymon Brown
Swear And Shake

Second Nature... getting low

Also related to Alone Together, just recently Mike Hart (Composer for Evil Film, Herbert West: Reanimator and Source Code [adaptation]) acquired a copy of the script and had this to say on his new blog Composing While Colorblind:

"Alone Together" tells the story of a hitman tasked to eliminate his next target, an ex-spy, with whom he falls in love. While the script is not completely finalized yet, it's equal parts touching, tragic, suspenseful and euphoric, as well as one hell of an entertaining read. Even without actors, the dialogue speaks for itself in an entirely human way. In terms of scoring, there's a couple of ideas kicking about in my head already. Certainly the film noir genre style of writing may come into effect, but a much more modern, tragic score may be called for as well. We'll see once I start getting footage."

Mike and I are extremely excited to be working together again, and especially on such an eventful project. I know he'll cook up something brilliant.

Aside from fund raising and Alone Together, the long awaited Hudson Guild Teen Outreach Promo is now online! The video features coverage on the Hudson Guild Theatre Company's Production of Hula Heart and Hudson Guild's Teen Service's Production of The Great Escape. Both pieces are reeled together in one video, but both run at about five minutes long. It was quite the adventure seeing this project through and I'm so glad to finally see it online. Enjoy!

Until next time, I leave you with these treasures, and a reminder to check out my Kickstarter pitch if you haven't already. I'm SO CLOSE to my goal, it hurts. As little as a dollar will get you a copy of the film. BUT if you give more, expect more in return... and by more, I mean really awesome gifts along with the film.

Thanks again to everyone who's shown their support and wish me luck for these next couple of months. It's time to make this movie happen.

Raw Power,
John Morgan