Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Game of Life, BP... Oh, I'm alright.

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Hey Guys,

Back again, gearing up for summer. What's up with you?

I've been paying some close attention to the BP disaster and budget cut situation in Albany. I'm surprised at a lot right now, so I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Sometimes it may feel like the world's ending but I'm waiting till public transportation stops running. At that point everyone's just too busy killing each other that they don't have time to ride the bus.


I've finally FINALLY cut the hudson guild approved cut of "Among Giants". It's now online.

I do have other films from school that I've meant to post online, but am spending some time to refine them a bit. Very excited.

Before the summer started, I wanted to experiment in going back and editing a movie I thought had some potential; "The Spirit". I gave it a watch, but began to really despise the dialogue. Needless to say, I've left the idea behind, but I'm thinking about other films that would be fun to re-cut... Or re-write.

I'm caught in the throes of writing a monster film, and probably a couple of them.

Hudson Guild has hired me to direct another promotional film focused on hudson guild's youth outreach program that introduces teens and youngsters (k-5) to performing on stage.

Be back with more. In the meantime, remember that when you're playing the game of life, a lot is left up to chance because you're spinning a stupid dial on a board.

OH! Saw some cool movies this summer. Just got a bundle of B-Movies. Plus first season of MST3K!

See Ya,