Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Getting Drafty In Here

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Hey Folks,

Just a quick update. Got my external hard drive, so we'll be seeing the promo by the end of the month (or beginning of October). I've also been asked to storyboard a film for a Senior at SUNY Purchase College, named Elliot Lobell. It's strange, since he doesn't want any moving shots, so I'll have to be creative as far as composition and expression goes. But it's very exciting because it's a stop-motion animation and he had his character model designed and constructed by one of the puppeteers from Henry Selick's"Coraline". Wish me luck!

I got an update from Jordan. He says things are moving slowly but surely on "Duck Duck Goose".... patience is a virtue. It is tough to contain myself. I'm very excited to get it finished, even though it is something of a silly off-the-wall animation. It is very cool just to see it all come to life. You can check previous posts for animatic stills from the project.

At the moment I have over 200 actors and actresses shoving their way to get into "Alone Together". A surprising turnout considering it's a student project, but I've already seen some potential candidates. The script is now on to draft 6...? Maybe 7. Around there. It doesn't matter. Point is, I'm really feeling it wrap up. It might need just a little bit more tweaking after this draft, but otherwise the characters and story are set. Now it's time to determine a budget, get the locations secured and find the talent. It's happening folks! Pinch me! I'm dreaming!... Alright, maybe a little to excited. If you like, you can pinch me out of spite, I'll appreciate it all the same.

In more recent ventures, I helped out a couple of Sophomores as Director of Photoraphy on one-shot scenes. One was an adaptation of a scene from Jean-Luc Goddard's "Contempt" and the other was an adaptation from a Batman graphic novel. If they make it online, I'll post the links.

Lastly, I'll note that I'm planning on making a presentation in my Sci-Fi lecture course. I've got a few things lined up to show and discuss. I'm kind of nervous since I've never really done a college presentation before, but I feel pretty confident with the material, so... Who knows how it'll go? Wish me luck!... Gee, how many times have I asked that of you? Oh, who cares. I need as much luck as I can get. It's a jungle out there. Best be prepared. No luck? Bring a spear.

Happy Hunting,
John Morgan

Sunday, September 12, 2010

During The Break

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So you might be wondering where I've been... Well, my external hard-drive's been acting up, and with such tight cash constraints, I've had little opportunity till now to purchase a new drive to back things up on. Luckily that time has come, and once it does, you'll have the opportunity to finally see the promo I've been fussing about all this time.

Right now I'm really wrapped up in pre-production for "Alone Together" and am starting to place casting ads in various places. It's odd how the world of casting has changed so much since the birth of the internet. Now it's the producers seeking the talent--not vice, versa. Who knows what I'll find?

As of now, I've got Jenn Boronow signed as the producer and Minoo Allen as my casting director. Both are promising camera-swinging film jockeys, and I'm amped to have them on my side for this production. What's just bound to happen is the scramble for more money. Soon enough I'll be introducing a new Kickstarter page to fund the film, and am looking for all the help I can get. The primary goal will be $1,000, but the entire film might get somewhere around $1,400--but it's a little too early to say. The script I have right now demands a few locations and some extra talent, but these details are subject to filing down once the final draft comes into fruition (which I feel happening very soon).

I'm very excited about this film, and so much so I'll be starting up a blog devoted entirely to the production--so keep a look out! In the meantime, Jordan's still hard at work in San Fransisco, hand-drawing all of "Duck, Duck, Goose". It's a tedious process, but one I'm sure will pay off with some fantastic results.

For now, hold tight while I gas up. This winter will really go off with a bang, I assure you.

Oh, as a side note, I've just started taking a lecture course devoted entirely to Science-Fiction in Film, Art & Literature and for our first night we watched "Ghost In The Shell" which was just eye-opening. I'd always heard about it, but never been able to decipher the hype from the red-blooded love for it. I loved it and highly recommend it to any sci-fi addict such as myself.

Till Next Time,
John Morgan