Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eighth Draft of "Alone Together" Completed, 26% Raised on Kickstarter!

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Just to give a quick update...

So far, I've raised 26% of my $1400 goal on Kickstarter. Thanks to all those who've contributed! I can't wait to give out copies once the film's completed. If you're interested in the project, or would like to help out--here's the pitch, which should also link you to the project page, if you'd like to learn how to contribute!

Currently, the latest draft seems the second-to-last. Significantly tighter. This next draft will be for fine tuning, and finding ways to conserve money, by being more selective with locations. Also, Tuesday last week marked the beginning of casting sessions with wonderful results. A lot of potential talent came and read, with call-backs soon to follow.

At the moment, I'm looking to solidify a final shooting schedule and secure locations for January. I've also been in talks with my Costume Designer, Kassia Dombroski and just assigned my Production Designer, Zoe Miller. The three of us will be working very closely with them in the next couple months to decide on the look and feel of the film. I'm especially excited to be working with Zoe Miller for the first time, especially since she works for a prop house and says we're likely to get discounts... and access to some pretty awesome props, of course.

Aside from my work on "Alone Together", Hudson Guild just reviewed my promos for their Teen & Youth Outreach Program, and I'll be sending them a re-cut by next week. Hopefully you'll be seeing it online soon, especially since there aren't very many changes to be made.

Jordan's still plugging away at "Duck, Duck, Goose" and is aiming to have all of the animation finished by December at the very latest.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kickstarting "Alone Together": Shooting in Early January

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Hey Folks,

Been hard at work on pre-production for "Alone Together" and now's the time to raise funds in time for production. There isn't a whole lot of time, so why don't I just get right to the point: [LINK!]

This widget here will be relocated to the right margin of the page, and represents my new effort to raise money for "Alone Together". The link leads to my Kickstarter page. If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, it's an online community in which artists, inventors, etc. pitch their next project with hopes to raise the funds they need in order to make their projects into realities. If you've been following the blog, you must have a pretty good idea of the kind of work I've been doing in making "Alone Together" into my next heavy hitter.

UPDATE! (10.15.10):

Just got my first backer! As a special thanks to Peter Foy, he'll be receiving a Special Thanks credit in the film for helping me get my start. If you haven't followed the link already, here's the pitch video!

I'm glad to report the script is currently well into its eighth draft and steadily making progress. I serious feel this might be the second-to-last draft and I'm so extremely excited to get it finished. Casting starts next week. I just recently assigned a production designer, and am currently looking for a Director of Photography.

In other news, Jordan's still animating "Duck, Duck, Goose" and the Hudson Guild promo is being evaluated this week by the administration there. We'll be seeing these two projects fairly soon. Just recently I mentioned I was Director of Photography for a couple sophomore one-shot adaptations at SUNY Purchase. Soon enough I'll be getting a hold of those links and handing them off to you.

Well, I have to keep moving. Lots to do. Thanks for your support, and be sure to spread the word!

Raw Power,
John Morgan