Monday, March 21, 2011

Technicolor Daydreams: Online + Killer's Kiss in "Kubrick et le Web"/ La Cinematheque Francaise

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So, as I mentioned before, I was collaborating with a dance student named Yael Baifus on a multimedia-arts collaboration. Just last Friday, Yael and I unveiled our piece during the run of Junior projects under evaluation by the SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory faculty. Here then are both a final cut of the abstract imagery I produced and a recording of the live performance.

In addition, posted are also a few screen caps from the film which I think make for some seriously groovy desktop backgrounds.

Enjoy both the performance and the imagery. Together they make up what Yael Baifus described as our own Technicolor Daydreams.

In the meantime, I'm moving into production on my new film that will be opening up MADArt next month. Also, Santino's kickstarter just recently reached its goal with tons of time to spare!! I'll keep you all updated as more emerges. In the meantime, enjoy feeling yourselves disintegrate.

Update (3/23): 

Cinematheque Francais has just posted their online exhibition entitled "Kubrick et le Web" where you can now watch "Killer's Kiss" and three other video submissions, along with over 400 other pieces all having to do with the late, great Stanley Kubrick and his legacy. Here also is a link to Cinematheque's entire Kubrick Exhibition open through July [LINK].

The best of web creation on Kubrick

The Cinémathèque française launches an ambitious project: to present on its website the best web creation on the Kubrick legend. Graphic artists, video artists, stylists, plastic artists: a whole generation of creative talents has turned to the work of Kubrick over the past 15 years, paying homage to him, questioning his work, remixing it, etc. The adoration of these artistes for Kubrick will be the occasion to highlight the modernity of a film director adopted by a host of netsurfers all over the world, and whose works will be united for the first time in the same place. 

Raw Power,
John Morgan

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