Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alone Together Update, ZMDb, Source Code and more...

Hello followers. It's long overdue that I return to you with some news of what's happening with not only lingering productions, but what has happening outside of production.

Alone Together has truly turned into the bane of my existence I could easily say. Due to camera malfunctions and negligent working relationships, the film exists only in it's script form, and with nothing to show of its live action retelling. In essence, the film has failed, but I refuse to see it end as grimly as that. I've spent over a year on this story and I'm determined to have it told one way or another.

Alone Together is currently being revamped for its graphic novel publication, featuring photographic landscapes and hand drawn characters, all done by me. I feel very broken about how this film fell apart, it came at a very inconvenient time for me, personally, and with it, I harbor a seriously passionate conviction to have the story finally come to fruition through some sort of medium.

Why a graphic novel?

Well aside from being a very performance heavy script, the film relied very much on visuals. I think it sets the mood very significantly. The very fact that it's set in New York sets it up in a concrete jungle where our characters are playing hide-and-seek literally and metaphorically. The subtext is as deeply embedded in the dialogue as it is in the  landscape. So I've decided the backgrounds-- all the environments in the novelization--will be photographed.

Of course, in return for their generosity, everyone who contributed to the project will receive digital copies of the graphic novel along with a complete collection of all of my short films and production updates on my next production, Apache.

What is Apache? I can't reveal that right now, but what I can say is that is going to be one hell of a ride. And no, there will not be another Kickstarter to run this new production. It'll be strictly my own investment. Doing the best I can with what I have.
So as I see these two productions through I have some things for you to check out in the meantime. First is Killer's Kiss on the Kubrick et le Web site till the end of July. Second, three of my films were recently featured on the Zombie Movie Database, with reviews by the editor, David Oakes, PhD--a professor from South Texas College. The films include "Evil Film", "From The Dark" and "Curse of the Dragon Egg: The Lost Film".He seemed to really enjoy the films... But what is "Curse of the Dragon Egg: The Lost Film" you ask?

Emily Tomasik in "Curse of the Dragon Egg: The Lost Film"
'Curse of the Dragon Egg' is an homage to Euro-Shock zombie films of the 1970s. I sent it to David along with my entire film collection as a sort of throw-away, but in the end, David really seemed to like it. So in light of its positive reception, I'll have the film posted online for your viewing pleasure.

Also from my sophomore year is my adaptation of Duncan Jones's sci-fi thriller "Source Code"  and a couple collaborations with Caleb Foss, whose new short film "Receiver" was truly a wonder to work on. I've thus far worked as cinematographer on four of Caleb's films. Each one, a wonderful experience... Here for you are Caleb Foss's and my adaptations of an early draft of Duncan Jones's "Source Code" and two films I was also cinematographer on for Caleb Foss, "Iterations" and "Social Courtesy". You may also recognize the infamous Mike Hart in the credits and also, the recurring talents of Shane Sheehy (Evil Film, From The Dark).

The Pipe (A Source Code Parody) by Caleb Foss

Social Courtesy by Caleb Foss

Soon to come once I get a hold of an HDV deck are some early 16mm shorts from my freshman year, so keep an eye out for those as well.

In the meantime, I'm holding down a job waiting tables, looking for freelance work and production internships, but primarily I've been focused on these new projects, especially, whats in store for the winter.

I'll be returning to Purchase College in the spring semester, but until then, I'll be drafting another junior film script. Something smaller and more down to earth this time--something I could shoot twice on even a shoestring budget. I've got a treatment now I'm working with. I'll see where it takes me.

For now, stay tuned. I'll be posting more frequently with more updates and more goodies along the way.

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